eda sutunc


ğ (soft g), is an endurance live performance done by the repetitive sound of ğ, a letter in Turkish that is silent and with which no words can start with. This act represents women in contemporary Turkey, who are defined by ongoing gender equality struggles. As victims of rape, honor killings, and childhood marriages, they are often left helpless and voicelessvictims of culture and religion.

ğ (soft g) is an endurance live performance with a single person, the artist, voicing as loudly as possible the repeated sound of the Turkish letter ğ. This letter, ğ, the ninth letter of the Turkish alphabet, has more than one characteristic: it can never be the initial letter of a word and it is a silent letter. In my performance this letter represents the women in Turkey who are left with no voice, who are oppressed in their limits of expression. By this repetitive sound, which has no complexity and has one pathway, ğ represents womenʼs confined role in contemporary Turkey, as monotone and silent. The sound of ğ, which sounds almost like a baby, this guttural infantile sound, is the sound of the plight of women now, a silence the government would like women to maintain.