eda sutunc

Turkey is my country

The opening scene is a close up of the artistʼs mouth. She begins to speak. “Turkey is obviously a safe country.” Pause. Her right hand comes into the frame, her nails painted red. She slips a small blue object into her mouth, and then a second. She plays around the beads in her mouth like she is sucking on sugary candy. As she moves them around, her lips remain mostly shut, but there are small moments when they part and you can see the evil eyes rolling around in her mouth. Three beads in her mouth, she begins to speak again. “Since I came back to Turkey, I had the opportunity to remember, what a safe country it is.”

She pops another eye in her mouth. She purses her lips and takes another, rolling them around. “I had the chance to remember what a land of opportunities Turkey is.”She shoves several beads in her mouth, and keeps talking until her mouth is full and she does not have any more room. A dozen spills out her mouth, she continues to speak, she shoves evil eye beads in her mouth. Im the final closing she spits all of the evil eye and puts her top over her bottom lip, a final closing saying “I want to tell the world how safe Turkey is. Because it is very safe.”