eda sutunc

Weightless Burden

Weightless Burden is a 9-hour live performance piece performed through the whole day with no pauses or brakes. When you enter the venue, you see the female artist on the ground laying with a suitcase on her back. In a video which is constantly in a loop, you can see and hear rocks falling down on her back for hours. The non-materiality of these rocks represent the heaviness of the emotional labor she performs everyday. It is making the feeling of this burden tangible and visible, by an endurance performance with this heaviness on her back which lasts, the whole day.

The work performed in traditionally feminine roles; such as emotional support, care work and domestic labor are undervalued and are not waged. It is largely invisible, gets no recognition and is weighthless. Women do more of the emotional maintenance, which is perceived as if it comes naturally to women. This work is not valued. This work is not reciprocated. Last but not least taking on the bulk of emotional labor exhausts women and takes a physical toll. What is the equivalence of unpaid emotional labor?